PDF Sharing

PDF Sharing with this amazing software

I love using social media like Facebook and Twitter, but PDF Sharing with my friends has always been so difficult. In the past the PDFs have always loaded so slow and when I found a service that would convert my documents to ePaper so that would load fast, they cost a bunch of money. Then one of my friends recommended that I try the free PDF Sharing service Yumpu Publishing, so I did. I didn’t believe them at first. I thought for sure this would be another scam, either it wouldn’t work or it would cost a bunch of money. However, it really did work. It converted my PDF into an ePaper and it was absolutely free! Yumpu Publishing is great if you are looking to embed a document on your favorite platform like a website, or social media PDF Sharing. It works on everything; computer phones and tablets! It even let me customize the look so I could make it my very own. I added my own logo and was able to change the background and the colors. Even when I was stuck and needed help, I received the best support unlike any other program that I’ve ever used.

PDF Sharingcan be so easy!

I was losing some of my followers because they were frustrated that my PDFs were loading too slowly and I knew I needed to quickly resolve the problem for PDF Sharing. Using social media is a quick and free way to market your products but the one thing you absolutely need is followers. If your followers can’t load your documents, they will get frustrated and eventually stop following you. I couldn’t afford to lose them so I was desperate to find an answer. After my friend told me about yumpu.com, I immediately started doing some research about the service.

I still didn’t believe that this service could be that great after so many other companies failed me but I figured, why not? I followed the quick easy instructions and it worked like a charm. After about 2 days of using yumpu.com, my number of followers immediately increased.

Yumpu.com converts my documents to such a lightweight and allows the documents to load so quickly. The documents loaded so fast on the computer, it was amazing! I even tested it using my smartphone and it worked perfectly. The ePaper loaded just as fast as it would on a computer, conveniently giving my readers access to follow me on the go. I also didn’t have any issues loading the ePaper on my tablets. I made sure it wasn’t just a hoax; I tried to load the document on my computer before it was converted using yumpu.com on my computer and it loaded so slowly. I eventually got tired of waiting for it to load and just canceled it.

This is PDF Sharing Deluxe!

If I was one of my followers, I would have quickly started stopped following my own site. I tried to PDF Sharing the same documents before it was converted on my tablet and smartphone and both times I got an error. It wouldn’t even load on either of them! I then ran the document through yumpu.com and converted it and tried them on my computer, tablet, and phone, and had absolutely no problems with loading!

One of the best parts about yumpu.com ePapers is how great it looks when PDF Sharing it on Facebook. You don’t have to download anything extra. It allows my readers to just click a simple link and then access the ePaper just like it was a magazine. I’ve received so many compliments from my readers about how easy it is to access the ePaper and how nice it looks. With just a few clicks, I not only reached friends and family members but also my new clients and new customers.

I am so amazed at how great yumpu.com works. After using some of their competitors like Shareslide, Scribd, Joomag, Flexpaper, Yudu, Blurb, YouSCrib and Zyyne , I had almost given up. I am so glad that yumpu.com was recommended to me. They fully have my support and I definitely will recommend this PDF Sharing service to anyone looking for a solution.


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