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PDF Sharing with yumpu.com

I love using social media like Facebook and Twitter, but PDF Sharing with my friends has always been so difficult. In the past the PDFs have always loaded so slow and when I found a service that would convert my documents to ePaper so that would load fast, they cost a bunch of money.

Then one of my friends recommended that I try the free PDF Sharing service yumpu.com, so I did. I didn’t believe them at first. I thought for sure this would be another scam, either it wouldn’t work or it would cost a bunch of money. However, it really did work. It converted my PDF into an ePaper and it was absolutely free!

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5 Free Document Hosting Sites you won’t Miss!

I found one of the best Document Hosting Sites on the web Yumpu.com by accident while searching for free document hosting sites. To this day I thank my lucky stars for having found Yumpu for me. Part of my job as a college instructor requires that I publish class documents that my students can access after hours. I am weary about letting students access my clouds, so I signed up for membership in several document hosting websites. I signed up to Scribd and Issuu, both very good, but I had to use both in order to load all the documentation that I needed. Otherwise I would have had to pay a monthly subscription for more space, and I just did not feel like it. Continue reading

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3 Awesome Embedded PDF Viewer Solutions

I was so upset that my online magazine was not getting all of the page views that I anticipated. I spent so much time working on the content and was sure that the subject matter would appeal to a wide audience. Not only that, the content was displaying improperly on mobile devices. I just felt like no matter what I did, I could not get things right. Just when I was about to give up, I found the free Embedded PDF Viewer yumpu.com. Continue reading