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How to create ePaper for Free from a simple PDF

I was looking for a solution on how to create an EPaper for free. I was having a hard time finding a service that would let me do that without costing an arm and a leg. As I was looking around, I found the Free ePaper Creation Tool Yumpu Publishing. All you need is just a simple PDF file and yumpu will convert it into a beautiful ePaper for free. Before I tell you about this spectacular site, let me tell you the problems I was having with other sites I found when trying to create an free ePaper. The ones that I did find that charged a fee charged too much for their services. The other problem I was having is that most services load the documents very slow. For my readers it is very frustrating. Most of the services that are out there cannot display the documents on the person’s mobile device. If they do show them, they do not show them correctly. Many services can’t embed the signup forms, videos, or audio files into PDF.

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