PDF Website Viewer – this Free Viewer is Mindblowing! w/Example

If it were not for the free PDF Website Viewer Yumpu Publishing, I would have more than likely taken my own life. If you think I am exaggerating, well, I am not. I was a member of Issuu, and I was subscribed to the highest price plan. I figured if I was going to pay $39 a month, it was going to be spectacular. Well, I was wrong about that. For one thing, the magazines I was publishing were loading slower than I anticipated. I received some really nasty feedback about that from two of my viewers saying that I was a sorry excuse of a human being because I could not get it together and publish content that loaded at a fast rate. Things got worse when I discovered that my magazines were not compatible with all computers and devices. Sure, people could read the content on the Mac and PC; however, tablets and cell phones were a whole different story. The Issuu PDF website viewer was doing more harm than good, and the funny thing was that I was paying to use the service. I was about to give up, crawl into a hole and die when a solution finally reached me.

PDF Website Viewer for Free? For Free!

I was on the Warrior Forum, a forum for Internet marketers talking about my situation. Some people were rude to me and told me to shut up, stop complaining and look harder for a solution, and others were nice and provided me with different ideas that I could use to solve my problems. One idea in particular stood out to me. This nice gentleman said that I could use the Yumpu Publishing publishing service. He told me that Yumpu was completely free and that the content published on this site could be viewed on all devices and computers. This guy said that he had been using it since its inception and truly liked everything the service had to offer. I decided that their PDF website viewer was worth a try.

See live demo here and click the Demo Button in the upper right Corner!

I took the PDF files containing my magazine content and uploaded them. Boy was I amazed at how beautifully the content was displaying. Content could be viewed using a double-sided reading presentation, and it was completely customizable. Just to see if that man was right, I viewed my content on my Android tablet and my iPhone, and sure enough, the content displayed correctly. Right away, I knew I had struck gold.

Customizing the PDF Website Viewer

I spent some time customizing fonts and colors, and I made use of Yumpu’s interactive features to add some links and forms to engage my readers and get their feedback. Before, when I did not have these interactive features available to me, I created a page in the beginning of each of my magazines letting my viewers know how they could contact me. Now, contacting me would be easier because my viewers could just fill out the forms and send them. Once I was sure my work was complete, I wasted no time at all in canceling my membership over at Issuu. The fact that I would now be saving $39 each month and enjoy a ton of outstanding features gave me a more positive outlook on life. No more would I need to contend with hearing people gripe about how slow my content loaded, how it was tough to read on certain devices and how my work was poorly put together.

In use

I have been using Yumpu Publishing now for four months. During my time of using this site, I have enjoyed a number of positive results. For one thing, my viewership has increased dramatically. Social sharing features that allow my readers to share my content with their friends on sites, like Twitter and Facebook. Not to mention, HTML5 PDF Website Viewer  allows the content to be indexed by the search engines, enabling people to easily find me by using certain search terms. I have also been receiving loads of positive feedback. A week does not go by without someone telling me how much they have enjoyed reading what I have put together. When I can open my email to find people saying nice things about my efforts, it really does make me feel good. I absolutely love receiving all of this encouraging feedback because that is what spurs me to keep going.

If you are going to publish magazines, catalogs, brochures, pamphlets or booklets on your blog, social networking profile or website, do not even think of using any other service than Yumpu. When you have converted your PDF documents into ePapers that can be embedded anywhere on the web, the benefits are tremendous. You will receive two-and-a-half times more page views than if you are just using downloadable PDF documents.

ePapers are compatible with any device, meaning that people will be able to read your content from anywhere. ePapers also load quickly, preventing you from receiving negative feedback. What’s more, you can format ePapers to replicate the experience of reading printed content, and you can add interactive features, such as videos, links and forms in order to engage your audience. ePapers will provide 12 times more viewers through the major search engines, contributing to a significant increase in traffic. And just like me, you will be able to see your content go viral due to your viewers using Yumpu’s social network sharing buttons. When you actually experience these benefits for yourself, you will feel awesome. No PDF website viewer compares to this one, and I do not care how good others claim they are.


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