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For All Your PDF File Sharing Needs, use THIS!

It’s been a well known fact that the process of converting and sharing PDF files on a social network, can prove to be a time consuming and frustrating process to say the least. After utilizing and being disappointed with various providers such as Scribd, Slide Share, Flexpaper and a few others, I finally found a FREE provider by the name of Yumpu Publishing, that makes the process of sharing PDF files on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ a breeze!

Why I Utilize PDF File Sharing In My Marketing Endeavors And Why You Should Too

Having been a social media marketer for the last 6 years, I am continuously tweaking my campaigns for optimum level of engagement. One of the things that I do that gets me a lot of engagements is through providing quality information in the form of a E-paper or in other words E-magazine. Simply said, E-magazines generate more buzz and attention that a regular post to an outside website and should be implemented in every marketer’s campaign. Content is king and when you provide your fans with something of real value, you are essentially gaining their trust, which helps in building a buyer-seller relationship, because people are more willing to buy from someone that they trust.


The Problem With Converting and PDF File Sharing

While there may be an abundance of providers that allow you to format your PDF files in a way that allows you to distribute it on popular social networks, I have came across several complications with various providers that all appear to be in the same boat. Some of the most common complications I came across with some providers in the past were:

  1. High fees for PDF File Sharing
  2. Slow loading times
  3. Format was unreadable on a mobile device
  4. Loss of quality

As is the case with any business, return on investment will determine the failure, success and growth of your business. One of the PDF File Sharing problems I came across with many other providers was the fact that they were too expensive. I did not feel that it would be feasible for me to get charged each and every single time that I wanted to integrate a PDF file on my Facebook/Twitter business pages, due to the fact that I literally distribute dozens of private label PDFs on a daily basis. At the rates I was paying for one provider in particular, it would equate to me spending an excess of a few thousand dollars every year.

Statistically speaking, internet users in general have a low attention span and as such, the bounce rate of a website is directly related to its loading times. When it comes to reading content from a site, the same rules apply. The other major problem I came across with providers was the fact that it just took too long to load and when it finally did, the content wasn’t optimized for mobile viewing and based on the fact that an overwhelming majority of social networking users utilize their mobile phones as their primary internet access device, this represented a significant problem.

Finally A PDF Sharing Solution

After running tests with PDF File Sharing and being disappointed in, multiple providers, I finally came across a site by the name of Yumpu Publishing. I had heard about it before but based on the fact that it was free I was a bit skeptical about the level of competence or rather, ability to adequately fulfill my needs to say the least.

The registration process was simple, all I had to do was to link my social networking account and create a username and password, after that I was immediately able to upload my PDF files.

After I registered my account, I wanted to test out the sites features. From the dashboard I clicked on the ‘Create A Magazine tab, once I was there I was greeted by a page that allowed me to drop my PDF file directly into their upload form. Once I did that, it began to upload the PDF files to its servers and converted it into an E-magazine, all of which literally took just a few seconds. Once the conversion was complete it gave me an option to give it a file name, title, description, category along with an embed section which contained the embed code. One of the more interesting features that i noted at this point that other providers didn’t provide was the ‘EDIT MAGAZINE’ option. This gave you the option to add links, videos and audios directly into the document ! How cool is that right?

The document was displayed beautifully, it didn’t feel like a cheap conversion, there was no loss of quality with the PDF file and the document itself felt like an actual digital magazine, because when you click the tab to turn the pages, it simulated a book pertaining to how the pages turn. The only real question I had at this point was whether or not my fans would like the new way I was providing content to them.

Even though I knew that by utilizing a competent file sharer that satisfied my needs, that by page’s engagement rate would increase, I couldn’t have foreseen the fact that it would of lead to an explosion of followers and the overall engagement rate as well, in just 2 days. Sure enough as I was, my fans were happy with the way I was distributing content to them, one of my fans even commented on the fact that he loves the new format and even requested that I tell him who the provider was, which I gladly did.

Overall, being an avid content provider, continuously PDF File Sharing to thousands of my fans on a daily basis, I highly recommend Yumpu when it comes to PDF File Sharing on social networks. Before I used Yumpu, I would always get complaints about the fact that many of my fans couldn’t access the content on specific devices, slow loading times and poor qualit. Ever since I used Yumpu, I haven’t had a single complaint. I love the fact that they are able to convert the document without a loss of quality, format it in a way that makes it accessible to any device and the fact that they can provide all this for free.


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