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3 Awesome Embedded PDF Viewer Solutions

I was so upset that my online magazine was not getting all of the page views that I anticipated. I spent so much time working on the content and was sure that the subject matter would appeal to a wide audience. Not only that, the content was displaying improperly on mobile devices. I just felt like no matter what I did, I could not get things right. Just when I was about to give up, I found the free Embedded PDF Viewer Yumpu Publishing.


Why I Like the Yumpu Embedded PDF Viewer So Much

The yumpu embedded PDF viewer has done so much to make my magazine a success. As soon as I started using yumpu.com, I have noticed a number of positive results. My readership has more than doubled, and I received loads of positive feedback. Not to mention, the magazine is now much easier to read than when it was just a standard PDF file.

This online embedded PDF viewer allows me to customize my magazines, providing them with a look and feel that is totally in line with the subject matter that I am producing. My magazine is on the topic of babies and parenting. I select a beautiful color pallet along with graphics that warm the heart in order to get n emotional response from my subscribers. Subjects that I write about are healthy sleeping habits in infants, eating concerns, keeping the home safe, strengthening a baby’s mind and taking out time for mom and dad.

When I write about baby’s sleeping habits, I may choose to use soft colors and select pictures of a mom and an infant peacefully co sleeping together. If I am writing on the subject of making the home safer for an infant, I like to use the color red to emphasize various words to demonstrate the importance of what I am saying, and I choose graphics of ill or dead babies so I drive the point home that parents need not be relaxed in their efforts to create a safe environment.

Another thing that I absolutely love about Yumpu Publishing is that there is no learning curve. All I have to do is upload my PDF documents into a platform that is hosted on their website, and then I can embed the PDF  viewer anywhere I want. Even if I want people on Facebook to read my magazine, I can embed it there.

Now, you are probably thinking that it costs a fortune to use the yumpu.com embedded PDF viewer. After all, a tool of this caliber must cost fortunes. Believe it or not, there is no cost to use yumpu.com. You can use yumpu.com completely free with no strings attached.

Additional Outstanding Benefits of the embedded PDF viewer:

In addition to what I have said that I love about yumpu.com, there are seven additional benefits that this program offers. Many of these benefits are proven by the Digital Publishing 2013 study.

1) Online publications also referred to as ePapers, can be read by any mobile device. There are never any issues with compatibility. Because these publications can be easily read while on the go, you can look at your subscribership increasing tremendously.

2) Online publications can be designed to be interactive. I especially love this when I encourage feedback from my readers through the use of poles and questionnaires. I like that I can include links to videos and presentations to drive home specific points, and I am glad that I can create signup forms for when I want to host giveaways. This is the future of embedded PDF viewer solutions.

3) When publications are online as ePapers rather than in a conventional PDF document, they stand to receive 2.5 times more views. This very fact is backed up by the Office 2014 study. So if you do not believe it, I invite you to check out that study for yourself.

4) Unlike PDF documents that can sometimes e difficult to read, ePapers create a simple reading experience. Using yumpu.com, you will be able to create a double-sided reading presentation and ensure that all of your content is catching to the eye and flows smoothly. Individuals thoroughly enjoy reading a publication that does not require that they exert a whole lot of effort viewing the content.

5) An embedded PDF viewer can be 12 times more likely to be found by using search engines than conventional PDF documents. Because ePapers are embedded into a web platform making it part of online content, it can be easily indexed by the search engines. When ePapers are indexed, rankings will increase. With increased search engine rankings, the amount of viewers will increase.

6) When you use yumpu.com to embed your magazines onto your website, blog or other desired web platform, these can be easily shared by your viewers. With just one click of a button, your viewers will be able to share your content with their friends on their favorite social networks.

7) Compared to PDF files, ePapers load much more quickly. PDF files, on the other hand, will cause slower loading times, making your viewers become frustrated. When a site, blog or other platform takes too long to load, people will go somewhere else so they can find the same information without having to wait as long.

You must not delay another minute to make yumpu.com a part of your magazine production equation. When you start using yumpu’s embedded PDF viewer, you will reap all of the benefits that I have and feel good about the work you are doing because you will see outstanding results almost instantaneously. Never again will you have to feel that your time and efforts are being wasted.

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