PDF Website Viewer – this Free Viewer is Mindblowing! w/Example

If it were not for the free PDF Website Viewer Yumpu Publishing, I would have more than likely taken my own life. If you think I am exaggerating, well, I am not. I was a member of Issuu, and I was subscribed to the highest price plan. I figured if I was going to pay $39 a month, it was going to be spectacular. Well, I was wrong about that. For one thing, the magazines I was publishing were loading slower than I anticipated. I received some really nasty feedback about that from two of my viewers saying that I was a sorry excuse of a human being because I could not get it together and publish content that loaded at a fast rate. Things got worse when I discovered that my magazines were not compatible with all computers and devices. Sure, people could read the content on the Mac and PC; however, tablets and cell phones were a whole different story. The Issuu PDF website viewer was doing more harm than good, and the funny thing was that I was paying to use the service. I was about to give up, crawl into a hole and die when a solution finally reached me.

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