5 Free Document Hosting Sites you won’t Miss!

I found one of the best Document Hosting Sites on the web Yumpu.com by accident while searching for free document hosting sites. To this day I thank my lucky stars for having found Yumpu for me. Part of my job as a college instructor requires that I publish class documents that my students can access after hours. I am weary about letting students access my clouds, so I signed up for membership in several document hosting websites. I signed up to Scribd and Issuu, both very good, but I had to use both in order to load all the documentation that I needed. Otherwise I would have had to pay a monthly subscription for more space, and I just did not feel like it.

The 5 Document Hosting Sites are:

  1. Yumpu.com
  2. Docstoc
  3. edocr
  4. Issuu
  5. Scribd

Yumpu beats all other Document Hosting Sites

I made my first Yumpu Publishing by embedding my syllabus, calendar, schedule, and welcome letter (all PDFs) in one publication. Then I posted the Yumpu publication in my instructor’s website. That is when I found the tremendous and environmentally-friendly benefits of an ePaper such as this one.

This Document Hosting Site allows me to embed my academic documents (test reviews, tutorials, videos) to Yumpu and ALL my students are able to view it from their PCs, or smartphones, even those who use iOS devices. Then, in one same document, I can add signup sheets, a link to the university’s attendance reports, and even the introduction to my course on video. The ePaper is completely interactive. The Document Hosting Website Yumpu presents my documents in a double-sided magazine format that is simple to read. No more complaints about squinting and having a hard time following.

My favorite thing, although it scared me at first, is that my students can share my Yumpu content in their social media sites. They can share a class Yumpu magazine on Facebook or Twitter. Or, they can post the Yumpu mag in their study blogs and go back to them to study in their own time. Other benefits that I found were the rate at which the PDF’s load. It is nothing similar to the long wait periods that we wait using a PC. Yumpu is quite fast for uploads.

While I am not necessarily a huge PDF document fan, Yumpu has helped me understand the format better. PDFs are universal, and preferred by businesses and institutions as far as sharing documents goes. Since Yumpu allows for that same document to go from static to dynamic, I really can appreciate all that can be done with a PDF thanks to the best of the best Document Hosting Sites.

Document Hosting Sites conclusion:

The services to which I had subscribed limited my space, charged me for keeping my documents, and were never enough for all the data that I had to share and display. My portfolio of work includes tutorials, videos, graphs, interactive lessons, tests, quizzes, and an immense amount of documentation that has to be offered to students. Yumpu is free, and publishes digitally so your documents read like brochures, magazines, or catalogs online. Many other businesses have used Yumpu for their digital publishing such as fashion brands, and cultural magazines. All of them can be accessed using any tech device.

I personally liked that it has a link to shop from my publication. I cannot and will never sell anything to my students, but if my college is having a fundraiser, they can add their hyperlink there for the students to access the event and donate if they want to. It is fully integrated in every way; the publication will be seen because the site makes it possible for documents to be much more attractive, vibrant, and exciting to interact with. All this is free. That is my favorite part. I have recommended it to other students and colleagues, and it has helped many of them achieve many academic goals. Therefore, this educator gives Yumpu an A+ in the category “Best Document Hosting Sites”.


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