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How to Post Your PDF Files on Facebook

I was looking for a way to post my PDF on Facebook to share it with several of my friends. I discovered that my business files could be uploaded by way of a FREE website Yumpu.com, and sent out to my Facebook account. My group of business friends wanted to see what I had to offer, through my online clothing store.

I found a great solution with Yumpu.com, and it did not cost me anything.

Post Your PDF Files on Facebook in 3 easy steps:

  1. Upload your PDF file to Yumpu.com
  2. Click the share Button in the right upper corner on Yumpu
  3. Enjoy your PDF on Facebook

I uploaded a simple PDF file with many of my clothing product offers, and my Facebook associates were able to look through my line of sports clothes that I have on my website. It was easy to convert my wardrobe publications into an ePaper, that is instantly shareable. I post PDF on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. In a matter of a few hours, my website had numerous online feeds, that were generated from my digital publishing through Yumpu.com.

I read through the information for Yumpu, and found the general information to be reliable. It is a free digital publishing site that produces your clothing catalog, other type of magazine, business brochure or events flyers in beautiful pictures and text. I found that my clothing line looked more professional and attractive, when I published it with Yumpu. My shirts and shorts looked professionally presented, and the orders for my clothing grew significantly, after my first digital publishing.

Happy new customers on Facebook

The final pictures and text came out clear, and my new customers wrote me back about my magazine pictures. I put a published copy of my clothing magazine and posted in on Facebook wall and sent it out as a Twitter announcement. I received nothing but good news, from many ready to buy customers. I was able to embed my magazine on my store website, to add an attractive catalog feature to my store. My colleagues in the visual arts have told me that they plan to display their new film ideas, by publishing their postures in a digital catalog.

One neighbor in my town saw my Yumpu magazine digital publication and asked me how their discount store could use this type of display. I showed them how my magazine came up on my mobile phone and on my portable computer. I explained how I added my online shop logo to the first magazine pages, posted the PDF on Facebook and Twitter, and, then, I changed my background colors of the magazine to match my store decal colors. The publication has been fully integrated with all of the major social networks. I have had numerous responses and order requests from customers that I would not have reached, otherwise.

Other digital publishing services which allow to Post Your PDF Files on Facebook have expensive fees, in order to upload and publish any online pictures and texts. Videos and audios are added, with their own costs. Competitor publications are slow to upload or do not upload, at all, on mobile hand held devices. Files may not be displayed or may not work. Yumpu offers a state-of-the-art digital publication that is free and reliable. Publications and store products are put into the buying hands of millions of avid readers. It is the largest ePaper solution worldwide. PDF files for a business can be successfully uploaded on all social media platforms.

The news from my Yumpu digital advertising has spread like wildfire. I added an embedded video and audio into my shop magazine. My customers can use this form of advertising, when they are away from their home desktop computers. Now, that I post my PDF on Facebook, my ads can be read on all mobile devices, and they are optimized, in a top position, for search engines like Google.


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