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PDF Sharing Websites – A Great Choice for Sharing PDF’s on Social Media

After doing some research comparing PDF sharing websites, I believe that the free platform www.Yumpu.com is the best solution for sharing PDF files on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. In the past, I have found myself using makeshift solutions that do a poor job of displaying content in a social media post.

Other PDF Sharing Websites load slowly or perform poorly on mobile devices, making their platforms impractical for my readers. As a result, I have often found myself pasting information from a PDF file or trying to use an image file. Now that I have been using yumpu.com for a couple of weeks, I can definitively say that this platform is the best for posting PDF files in social media.

My PDF Sharing Websites Background

I have been a blogger and active social media user for several years. Although including a PDF file on my website is fairly straightforward, I have always struggled to distribute this content on social media. In many cases, I would post a link and encourage readers to view the content on my website. Unfortunately, the fear that readers have of external links resulted in low click-through-rates. From my experience in social media, I have to agree with these users since these links often direct to scams.

I started by searching through some of the available providers of PDF sharing websites. For those who haven’t taken the time to sift through these websites, I must admit that most of them are fairly worthless. While they generally promise the world, they almost never deliver on their promises. Features are dysfunctional, platforms are outdated, files display incorrectly, and interfaces are unintuitive. Even on some of the most popular PDF sharing platforms, these problems can be very frustrating.

How I Found the PDF Sharing Site Yumpu

Eventually, I gave up entirely on the idea of uploading PDF files via a PDF Sharing Website to social media. I would just ask my graphic design friend to assist me with converting the PDF files into an image format. Although this worked, users rarely acknowledged this image content.

After posting one of these images a couple of weeks ago, a user commented that I should check out the PDF Sharing service yumpu.com. I figured I would give it a try, and almost immediately I was hooked on the software. Working entirely in the cloud, I was able to upload my PDF files directly to the Yumpu platform with a user-friendly interface. Since discovering Yumpu, I have been using it exclusively.


Why I Like Yumpu

First off, one of the best features of Yumpu is that it is completely free. Many of the leading services on the market are free at first, but then charge a fee after a couple of uploads. I consider this to be fairly deceptive, and prefer to avoid platforms that advertise “freemium” services. Whether uploading one file or a thousand, Yumpu is completely free.

I also love how easy it is to get started with Yumpu. Users just simply register with an email and get started immediately. After registration on PDF Sharing Websites, users can upload files with a single click. Best of all, this can all be done directly from the platform’s homepage. This means that users will not need to navigate extensive menus just to upload a single file. In fact, files can even be uploaded without an account if a user desires.

Files that are posted on the platform are optimized for search engines to increase online awareness. Combined with automatic cross-channel social media syndication, this feature makes it easy to spread the word. In some cases, my content has gone viral as a result of these features.


Compared to other PDF Sharing Websites like Slideshare and Scribd, Yumpu is much easier to use. While other platforms focus on displaying content on websites, Yumpu is explicitly targeted at social media. Yumpu even has excellent support that it provides to its users for free. I strongly recommend Yumpu for its extensive range of features.


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